Free Tax Preparation for 2016 year

The Community Outreach Center, which is located on the El Paso County Fairgrounds in Calhan will offer free income tax preparation. This is our 4th year offering this service. This is the 2nd year to partner with the AARP Foundation. No membership is required. There are also no income or age limitations. Return preparation stipulations are noted below.

LOCATIONS – Please Note: We will use the community room at the Calhan Housing Authority (Paulson Senior Center) 406 Cheyenne Street in Calhan, on the following Wednesdays between 11am and 5pm: February 8, February 22, March 8, March 22, & April 5, 2017 and the following Mondays between 9:15am and 12:15pm at High Prairie Library in Falcon: February 6, February 13, February 27, March 6, March 13, March 20, March 27, April 3, & April 10. You may email or call 719-347-7638 to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be limited at these locations. We will have three tax preparers that will handle three appointments at a time. There are several other locations in Colorado Springs we will refer you to if we fill up.

What to Bring?

■ Social Security cards or other official documentation for yourself and all dependents

■ Colorado Driver’s License or ID Card

■ Copy of last year’s income tax return

■ W-2 forms for each employer

■ Unemployment Compensation statements

■ SSA-1099 form if you were paid Social Security benefits

■ All 1099 Forms (1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-MISC, etc.) showing interest and/or dividends, as well as documentation showing the original purchase price or basis of any assets sold

■ 1099 forms, if you received a pension or annuity

■ All forms indicating federal income tax paid

■ Childcare provider information (name, address, employer ID or Social Security number)

■ Receipts or canceled checks, totaled by category, if itemizing deductions

■ Forms 1095, Health Care Coverage, if any received

■ Checkbook, if you desire to have Direct Deposit.

What We Can Prepare

● 1040 with Schedule A, B, and D

● Schedule C up to $25,000 expenses (no employees, no inventory, no losses or depreciation, etc.)

● Schedule EIC and EIC Worksheets

● 1099-MISC (box 7 nonemployee compensation is reported on Schedule C.

● 1099-MISC (box 1 or 2 – rents, royalties, reported on Schedule E with no expenses, depreciation or depletion)

● 1099-MISC (box 3 other income is reported on 1040 Line 21)

● 1040-ES (Estimated Payments)

● 1095-A, B or C (Affordable Care Act)

● 2441 (Child & Dependent Care)

● 5405 (Repayment of First Time Home Buyers Credit)

● 8283, Second A, Part I – noncash contributions to charity exceeding $500 but less than $5,000

● 8606 (Nondeductible IRA) Part I

● 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)

● 8880 (Qualified Savings Credit)

● 8863 (Education Credits)

● 8949 (Sales or Disposition of Assets)

● 8965 (Affordable Care Act Health Coverage Exemptions)

● 8962 (Affordable Care Act Premium Tax Credit)

● 8379 (Injured Spouse)

● 9465 (Installment Agreement)

● 1040X (Amended Returns)

● Schedule K-1 that provides information only for interest, dividends, capital gain distributions and royalties

(Schedules B, C, E)

● Cancellation of Debt or Mortgage Debt – 1099-A and/or 1099-C & Form 982

● Health Savings Account – 1099-SA and Form 8889

What We Can Not Prepare

● Schedule C (Business Profit and Loss) if business had a net loss, or expenses exceed $25,000

● Complicated Schedule D without proper paperwork

(Capital Gains and Losses)

● Schedule E (Rental Property) with expenses, including depreciation

● Schedule F (Farm Income)

● 2106 (Employee Business Expenses)

● 3903 (Moving Expenses)

● 8615 (Minor’s Investment Income)

● Portions of Schedules A and B that are not included in our training

● Schedule K-1 that involves depreciation or deductible expenses

● Other rental income or business income

AARP Foundation is a charitable affiliate of AARP, focusing on struggling people 50 and over, so they can regain their confidence as good providers and members of their communities. We understand the needs of older, and low – to moderate – income taxpayers, especially as the U.S. tax code has become more and more complicated.

But note – AARP membership is not required, and there are no age limits.

Retirement or other life changes may mean you can’t file a 1040EZ form anymore. You may have a relative who’s now a dependent. Or you may have lost a spouse who always did the taxes in your family. We’d like to help. When you go to an AARP Foundation Tax-Aide site, you don’t have to deal with a kiosk or go online. You will get personal attention from IRS-certified Counselors until your taxes are completed. We even transmit your returns directly to the IRS.

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